If you have ever been to a shipping company, you would have seen plenty of pallet wood. Those flat pieces of wood they put in crates so they can easily be lifted by a crane or for light. The question is what happens to the wood after use. Well, some of it gets reused but a sizable amount of it also ends up thrown away. If you’re a DIY homeowner type, it seems such a waste to throw away high-quality inexpensive wood, doesn’t it? Well, pallet wood need not go to waste. You can use it in lots of creative ways to make diy recycled pallet bed frame.

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Create your own unique recycled pallet bed frame.

The bed is one of the major features of the modern home. From the master bedroom, the guestroom and the children’s room, you can find a bed anywhere. By putting a few layers of pallet wood under the mattress, you could create your own unique recycled pallet bed frame.

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Can you make something like this one day?

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Why Pay More For A Bed When You Can Choose Pallet?

Of course the wood is durable and is in most cases cheaper than anything similar you can find in a store so it’s like a godsend to the serious DIY homeowner. Regardless of your taste in décor, pallet bed frames fit any color scheme you might have in your home. In its natural state, pallet wood can work both with tiles to create a homegrown rustic feel or in a background of the most sophisticated stereo system to give your room a nice techno feel to it. If you’re very handy with wood, you can also set up pallet frames so they can double as storage space for books under your bed.

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Want to build a bed and make it look like its floating in the air? You can try the pallet bed frame below.




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This is a super cute ideas, and the most awesome diy pallet bed and playhouse!

Doesn’t that idea just want to get you started working on your DIY pallet bed frame idea? Choose your favorite projects from the list above.

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