Grey Laminate Flooring Ideas For Your New Home

Floor designs are one of most important thing in living home interior decoration and it will affect how you design your home. If you want to change how your living room or kitchen looks, grey laminate flooring ideas might be a good options for flooring ideas. To make your home design overall appearance looks great, you should opt in a suitable floors options, and pattern.

Laying laminate flooring is one of famous flooring options especially in kitchen or living room area.The good thing about laminate flooring for is, simple to apply and it also suitable for various design in your home. There are many fitting laminate flooring options suitable for you to choose in order to increase your home interior design.

To find a suitable flooring ideas you should know some important thing prior to next step.The first and most important step to do is to know your concept or design i.e how do you want your space to looks. After you know exactly the style and design of your space to be, you can easily determined what flooring pattern should be in your kitchen or living room. In this case we will refer to grey laminate flooring design pattern. Further step is to find your laminate flooring contractors and discuss with them about your options. If your chosen pattern is available you can discuss about the cost of installation.To do this, your contractor should know the exact kitchen measurement. If the measurement already in your mind you can just let them know or else they should measure it first. When the agreement have been made between you and your professional laminate floors contractor now you should for installation to be start as soon as possible and for sure you will get a stylish and awesome new appearance of your house with grey laminate flooring ideas.



















Stained Concrete Floors For Different Home Flooring Ideas

This article is all about stained concrete floors. Concrete floors may require some extra care to make them look gorgeous. This may be achieved by use of different techniques, among them, staining known as acid stained concrete floors. The process of staining the floor may be tricky and a little demanding and one may therefore require a professional. There is a big difference between concrete paint and concrete stain. Staining basically involves a reaction between chemicals and the cement materials. The concrete floor stain colors results from a reaction between hydrochloric acid (water based), inorganic salts and the cement material of the floor. Stained concrete floors look like a marble and are usually beautiful. Different color mixtures can be used to obtain the most desirable stain.

Acid staining may be a technique used to make an ordinary stained concrete floors look more elegant and expensive. For people with carpet allergies, acid stained concrete floor may be the most comfortable as they are easy to clean and maintain.

When staining a floor a few factors have to be put into consideration. There is need to plan the décor and color scheme of the room prior to staining to avoid undesired results. The staining process should be done by a professional. In case one needs the help of a professional, they should consider different available professional, what they offer and what they charge. The service should be worth the price and of course within budget.











The greatest advantage of concrete stained floors is perhaps the fact that they are durable if well maintained using wax. They do not stain or chip easily. Staining can be applied on different floor surfaces depending on tastes and preferences. These may include bathrooms, walkways or even the living room floor.


Patio floor design ideas stamped concrete for in ground concrete pool designs with stamped concrete around pool

Cozy Look Stamped Concrete Patio Pattern With Colors Option

Stamped concrete floors ideas have been around since the 1950s but gained increased popularity in the 1970s. This technique is satisfying to home owners and make their budget work simultaneously. Stamped concrete flooring is a must have in a home because it is economic in all aspects and it also has a significant effect on the beauty and attraction of your home. Of course that it does; and we all know it.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete patio gives you the look, feel, and texture of a stone patio, only that it is monetarily much more less expensive as compared to a stone patio. Stamped concrete has more to it than the feel and look; it can mimic brick, cracked earth, weathered wood, and cobblestone, and so forth. It is great also to know that a patio with stamped concrete flooring does not need constant maintenance since it is concrete and all even except the decorated surface; stone wont settle over time, leading to uneven surface, and there are no joints and grout that can open up and let grass and weeds sprout.

Stamped Concrete Patterns

There are varieties of stamped concrete pattern, and every day that goes by new patterns are being produced since it is a work of art, and art has no limit. You can even design your own pattern (custom pattern), if you can, and order it. The most popular patterns that you see around are the slate patterns, stone patterns, seamless patterns, cobblestone patterns, wood patterns, brick patterns, and paver and tile patterns.

Check out our example below.
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VIEW IN GALLERYCool stamped concrete patio designs ideas for garden landscaping for backyard gardening

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VIEW IN GALLERYBest stamped concrete patio designs for backyard patio with rustic outdoor patio design

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How Much Does A Stamped Concrete Cost

A professionally installed stamped concrete may cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot. However, stamped concrete costs may vary just as the cost of many other things on this earth due to many factors. Consider this price comparisons:1. Plain concrete costs $6 – $12 per square foot2. Brick costs $14 – $20 per square foot3. Stone, slate, marble costs $17 – %28 per square foot4. Concrete pavers costs $13 – $20 per square foot.

Im pretty sure you will like this stamped concrete patio designs pictures

Looking For Stamped Concrete Patio Floor Design? Here Some Images for Your Inspiration

Are you looking for a new outdoor patio flooring ideas? If you want add a new look to your patio space, you may try to choose stamped concrete patio as your new flooring options. The stamped concrete for patio floors are really an eye catching idea to enhance the overall looks to your outdoor space.

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped concrete patio ideas to bring your patio backyard or frontyard more welcoming space
Source : pinimg

VIEW IN GALLERYExample of stamped concrete patterns for patio flooring
Credit : If you are living in Baldwinsville N.Y., you can contact this stamped concrete contractor for more details here.

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Stamped concrete patio ideas 

Other term use to describe stamped concrete flooring are textured or imprinted concrete which utilize concrete to mimic the natural building materials such as stones slates, flagstones as well as wood. Concrete stamped comes to enhance a wonderful outdoor or even indoor design for your living home. Homeowners we would be really interested to choose this patio flooring options which is high durability, reliable and and great finishing. So, your chance to get the best outdoor patio floors is here. Not only for patio, stamped concrete also suitable for driveway or path, sidewalk or deck floor.

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VIEW IN GALLERYGrey stamped concrete ideas for farm house
Source : babic construction

Stamped concrete is recommended by top-rated contractors around the globe.

The technology to develop stamped concrete is a great and really outstanding for the work. The stamped concrete patio ideas could attract so many homeowners for having it install to their outdoor patio space. Yes, of course it will. A stamped concrete patio costs you less than the natural stone, brick or tile patios. Cost effective yet still create the best & similar appearance with natural stone, brick, flagstone or wood.

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped concrete over existing concrete

Stamped concrete cost per square foot

The price for stamped concrete might be different base on the location, type of color used and amount – BUT as a guide base on : A simple, single-colored pattern might be cost you from $8 to $12 per square foot, while a more elaborate design with contrasting colors and borders can cost you around $12 to $18 per square foot or more

Stamped concrete designs  – The concrete contractors is really innovative for creating the creative pattern during flooring installation, which combining for great and good finishing – and could give the top appearance of your outdoor patio flooring designs. In addition, the flooring contractors is really creative for designing the best patio floors design which are really different from others. You can feel it yourself, if you want to know more about this best quality of patio floors pattern.

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped concrete pool deck installation by concrete contractor aqucrete
Credit : If you are looking for stamped concrete contractor in Bella Vista,Arkansas ; you can contact here

Gathering in a comfortable patios with outstanding design and really functional use can be achieve with the stamped concrete installed in your outdoor patio. Produce by high durability materials, stamped concrete floor are really a dream for any homeowners to be in their patio.

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped concrete pool deck best pattern
Source : concreteri a Decorative Stamped Concrete and stained Concrete company in Rhode Island , Massachusetts.

Not only for residential flooring, stamped concrete floor also available as commercial flooring use. It’s a great decorative concrete options for any home owners needs right?. Just pick out one of these stamped concrete patio images below and ask for any flooring expert to install it for you. Don’t know where to find flooring contractors? Just use google and search for “stamped concrete contractors near me” and you will find them. Get ready to find your stunning stamped concrete patio floor.

VIEW IN GALLERYInterior Flooring Interior commercial decorative concrete flooring
Source : pinimg

More stamped concrete patio ideas –  check out pictures below, consist of several stamped concrete patterns, design, color ideas for your inspiration.

VIEW IN GALLERYstamped concrete brick pattern
Source : wixstatic

VIEW IN GALLERYStamped concrete patio ideas with pergola for outdoor best moment
Source : craftsmanoutdoors

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Well, make sure that you have found your best idea for the stamped concrete patio designs. Make it a reality to your outdoor patio floor refinishing to make and enhance the patios for the best look. The concrete stamped floors will be really right options to be select, so you should not worry for having this patio floor ideas. This is a good choice.




Waterproof Laminate Flooring for Basement Ideas

Waterproof laminate flooring is the best floor type for basement in term of low budget or if you are dreaming to do it yourself.There are so many home owner who like wood flooring but worried about swelling and distend problem have change to laminate flooring waterproof options.

Not just suitable as waterproof laminate flooring for basement, they can go further.They can be an options for other flooring type (marble floor tiles,hardwood flooring etc) in kitchen floor ideas as well as in bathroom flooring. If specially or carefully choose the durability of laminate waterproof flooring are comparable with others.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Pros & Cons

The good things about waterproof laminate floor is as the name suggest they are 100% waterproof those preventing water from entering basement. Moreover the appearance are mimic to wood flooring types. However, in the market today the design are limited and more the price is higher than common laminate floor.Nevertheless, the waterproof character will be worst your basement waterproofing specialists installation cost.VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY

Acid Stained Concrete Floors Ideas

If you are looking for new flooring ideas for your living space such as kitchen, patio, backyard garden space as well as garage,you might want your new flooring design to be high durability enough and additional modern look.Opt in acid stained concrete floors in your decoration plans might be a good decision for you.

Furthermore while choosing floor design for your home flooring options you ought to pick one which is sturdy and simple to clean and low maintenance.In this post you find how technology can bring your house flooring to a modern and contemporary look with simple touch on flooring design.We provide here several pictures of highly selected acid stained concrete floors design on different space, interior or outdoor.

Acid stained concrete floors can be utilized in different part of our house. Its suitable to be in driveway, patio garden, kitchen, garage as well as bathroom. Not limited to the space as aforesaid, you can opt in acid stained concrete flooring ideas according to your interest.

Acid Stained Concrete Diy.

If you like to do it yourself acid staining concrete floor, you should think it twice. The staining process is a multistage task and you need to master in all the process.However you still can do it yourself and sure you can save your budget but the result might be different if compared to work done by professional contractors in acid stain concrete flooring.

Professionally installed epoxy garage floor coating

Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Are The Best Garage Flooring Options

Often people assume garage as an additional room of their house and so use the same technique and paints for the garage flooring which, they used for the rest of the house. However, that’s’ not a smart choice for your garage floor though. The basic difference between a garage and an house floor is the weight bearing capacity, as a vehicle is far heavier then you and your home appliance weight jointly. Moreover, a garage floor has to regularly deal with lubricants, gasoline and other vehicular oils as compared to home flooring. Therefore, garage floor coating or paint must contain qualities like durability, strength, coverage and above all beautiful appearance. Epoxy garage floor might be good?

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VIEW IN GALLERYProfessionally installed epoxy garage floor coating
Garage floor coating by

So what is the best flooring options for your garage?

There are many options available for painting and adding long lasting beauty to your garage floor such as epoxy floor coating, latex and polyurethane paints. Each of them has its’ own quality and characteristics therefore, you should select a paint according to the type of your garage flooring ideas. Although, there are many types of garage flooring options available today however, concrete flooring is a common and widely used garage flooring in all over the world. Considering these aspects, you may easily find best garage floor paint as per your requirements.

Epoxy garage floor coating

Before we go further, we need to bear in mind that epoxy garage floor coating is not a paint.  Garage floor paint such as latex acrylic product. Even though some paint contains a small percentage of epoxy to increase durability of the floor but it still the paint. This kind of paint was better known as epoxy paint or 1 part epoxy paints.

Epoxy floor coating rapidly gaining popularity because of its characteristics. In epoxy flooring, the coating that was applied is an actual thermosetting resin.  It is formed when you mix 1 part epoxide resin with 1 part polyamine hardener.  The hardener acts as a catalyst and make epoxy superior in term of durability.

VIEW IN GALLERYGarage flooring ideas before and after solid epoxy garage floor coating

Image by :

The Benefits of Using Epoxy Coatings As Your Garage Flooring

So, you might want to know why epoxy coating is the best options for your garage floor? We just list some of them here. Yes, of course epoxy garage floor coating look much better than traditional concrete. It’s provide a finished polish to an ordinary drab concrete floor. Beside that, they come with several color options make it easy for you to match the other part of your garage.

VIEW IN GALLERYHigh gloss epoxy floor coating

According to flooring expert, epoxy floor coating is non-porous. Its mean a garage floor coated with with epoxy is water resistant and less prone to staining compared to regular concrete.  You will like this characteristic since it will protect your floor from the variances of weather changes.

VIEW IN GALLERYBest diy garage floor epoxyBest garage flooring options is here with epoxy coating by

How to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings – When comparing flooring options, its is crucial to know about the effort needed to take care of them. Of course, epoxy flooring is easier compared to concrete flooring. To remove a stain is much more easier with epoxy flooring due to it’s non-porous nature. Some tips on how to clean stained epoxy floors – use a bit of soap and warm water, a rag, and a little elbow grease to remove spills or stains from your epoxy garage floor.

How durable is an epoxy floor? – If you need to ask more about the benefit of epoxy floor coating, you will like this statement. Epoxy garage floor are more durable than untreated concrete. As we said before, concrete garage floor coated with epoxy possess an extra layer of protection that strengthens the concrete.  So, epoxy garage floors is better in resistance toward the wear and tear on your garage floor.

Epoxy floor coating is an easy to prepare and easy to use. Apply it directly on your garage floor without undergoing lengthy initial preparations including primer coatings as compared to polyurethane paints. Moreover, it dries very quickly in comparison with latex paints that require more than 3 days to dry completely.

How much does it cost to epoxy garage floor?  – What about epoxy garage floor cost? No need to be worried since, epoxy is an inexpensive flooring option for garages. A professionally installed, garage floor epoxy coating usually start from $6 per square foot. However, you need to ask your epoxy flooring contractors for further details. Just type the word “epoxy flooring contractors near me” on google and you will see so many out there for you.

Whether you are using epoxy garage floor or any other paints over your garage floor, always remember to consider the above suggestions for a shiny, long lasting and beautiful garage floor.

Polished concrete slabs

Cozy Polished Concrete Floor Decorating Ideas with Photos

There have been many flooring options for a dream house but the popularity of polished concrete floor has clearly increased in the recent few years. The idea of using concrete for a home floor sends a chill down your spine but on viewing a polished with leave you with utter amazement. This residential polished concrete floors has captured hearts of many tiles and carpet users owing to the many advantages it offers. Its durability is estimated to be ten times more than tiles, very easy to install and slip resistant hence commonly used besides wet surfaces like swimming pools. It’s also very easy to clean due to the presence of an impermeable sealer on the top. This is very convenient for a family home with kids known to be a nuisance in loitering and dirtying houses.

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Polished concrete flooring offers many ways of blending various types of igneous stones to come out with different patterns depending on aesthetics preferences. The DIY concrete polishing method uses grinder with diamond abrasive discs for the process of polishing hard concrete to give it a smooth beautiful appearance. The most preferred stones are quartz, granite and marble due to their hardness and different color combinations to give a home a natural warm aura. The polished concrete floors has led to the emergence of various water based sealants with the most common being acrylic. Acrylic sealer gives the floor a glossy wet look which is very stylish and beautiful.

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VIEW IN GALLERYHow to polish concrete floors

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete flooring

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors underfloor heating

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete kitchen floor

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete slabs

VIEW IN GALLERYResidential polished concrete floors

Polished floor concrete cost is very favorable and considered a major investment compared to carpet, tile and timber flooring due to its predicted life of around 100 years. The flooring is easy to install with a plain installment in a sq. foot costing between $2-$5.According to your aesthetics requirements you can opt for a few starring of the floor with grid pattern line running across it and this will cost $5-$9. Polish lovers can go for a highly detailed decorative finishes involving marbles sealed with acrylic sealant only costing $8-$15 depending on the detail level.

The only disadvantage is the coldness of the floor during winter season but this can be dealt by sporadic placing of floor mats at common used places during such a season

Polished concrete floors residential ideas with concrete polished floors

3 Reason Why You Need To Choose Polished Concrete Floor

Flooring is one of the most important features of your home or workplace. Not only does it serve a practical purpose but it will also greatly affect the look and feel of the room. With so many different styles of flooring available it can be really tough to know what to choose. Polished concrete floor is an extremely popular style that is used in hotels, restaurants, malls, offices and homes around the world. We reveal three reasons why polished concrete floors are one of the best types of flooring around.

Durability of polished concrete floor

Polished concrete floors are extremely higher durability and sustainability compare to others flooring such as linoleum, vinyl flooring or ceramic tile. It’s means that they will stay looking as good as new for many years to come. Commonly polished concrete floors can last up to 10 years with low maintenance and breakage by impact. You will know why, when you see polished concrete floor thickness. Other than that, polished concrete floors are also easy to clean and hard to stain, unlike carpets and other fabric floor styles.

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Many choice and very versatile

Concrete floors are available in a huge selection of styles and designs so you will be sure to find the perfect style to complement your home or office space. Furthermore, you could install polished concrete floor  almost everywhere from residential house to commercial as well as industrial flooring. Because of that, professional always recommend polished concrete flooring.

Polished concrete floors offer a lower cost

Polished concrete floors cost much less in comparison to carpeted floors as the concrete slab requires no underlay or covering materials. This makes it an extremely affordable option both for residential properties or commercial premises.These are just a few of the many benefits of polished concrete flooring; they will also look beautiful, won’t harbor dust and are easily installed.

Polished concrete floor cost per square foot

Professional contractors installation will cost you between $2 and $6 per square foot for a basic job with a single layer of sheen. The cost will increase up to more than $15 per square foot for projects that require extensive grinding, multiple layers of stain, elaborate designs, artistic patterns or advanced coloring or stenciling.

Concrete floor polishing is a great alternative to enhance the appearance of your old floor with a new & different flooring. Ready to change your floor appearance? Try these options.
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VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors reside white polished concrete ntial dream home flooring

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors reside white polished concrete ntial polished concrete floor tiles


VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors reside white polished concrete ntial small home floor plans

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors resident polished concrete worktops home design ideas modern

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors residential concrete polishing or concrete floor coating

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors residential ideas with concrete polished floors

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors residential polished concrete flooring options ideas for modern home flooring

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished concrete floors residential polished concrete floors residential high quality flooring ideas with polished concrete flooring

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